Where do Find The Most Current News, Hearings & Presentations, and Medical Journal Articles Regarding the Engineered Stone Silicosis Epidemic
It can be daunting to try to keep up with the latest important news, medical and regulatory hearings and presentations, and medical journal articles related to the epidemic of silicosis among engineered stone workers.  However, the Stone Silicosis Center has done this work for you. ...
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Finding a Doctor Who Specalizes in Artificial Stone Silicosis
Unfortunately, most cases of silicosis caused by artificial stone are initially misdiagnosed, which causes unnecessary delays in treatment.  It can be difficult to find a treating doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.  An updated list of these doctors is maintained...
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Diagnosing Silicosis Caused by Engineered Stone
Silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling silica dust, can be challenging to diagnose, especially when linked to engineered stone exposure. Many doctors are not specialists in silicosis and may initially misinterpret symptoms for other lung conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, or COPD. However, several key...
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Hidden Hazard, Voiceless Victims: Engineered Stone’s Toll on Immigrant Workers
There is a growing epidemic of lung diseases like silicosis silently afflicting the workers who fabricate engineered stone for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Many of these workers are non-English speaking immigrants with undocumented status. Language barriers and fear of deportation keep them in the shadows,...
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Artificial Stone Fabricators Concerned About Silicosis Need to Be Wary of So Called “Silica Exposure Claims”, “National Silicosis Claims”, “Class Action Silicosis Claims”
Artificial stone fabrication workers are seeing deceptive advertisements online and on television urging them to write or call in for a free silica exposure claim offering them financial compensation in as little as 5 minutes.  Be wary.  There is no such thing as a free...
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Engineered Stone: A Workplace Hazard
Warning: Working with engineered stone exposes you to dangerous silica dust, causing potentially fatal lung diseases like silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic kidney disease. Silica Dust Threat: Engineered stone contains high levels of ultrafine, nano-sized silica, uniquely dangerous and not adequately protected against by standard...
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Worker Safety and Medical Resources: Navigating the Risks of Engineered Stone
The popularity of engineered stone countertops presents a hidden challenge: worker safety. These alluring surfaces, composed primarily of silica, raise concerns about potentially harmful silica dust exposure during fabrication and installation. Understanding the risks and accessing proper resources is crucial for protecting workers' health. The...
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Why are Engineered Stone Countertops Potentially Dangerous?
Behind the shine of many popular engineered stone countertops lurks a hidden risk: silica dust. While these surfaces offer beauty and durability, the process of fabricating and installing them can expose workers and even homeowners to potentially harmful levels of this tiny particle. Understanding the...
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The Hidden Danger of Artificial Stone
Beneath the gleaming surfaces of many stunning kitchens and bathrooms lurks a hidden danger. The engineered stone (quartz) countertops, prized for their affordability and elegance, hold a dark secret: a growing epidemic of silicosis, a relentless and debilitating lung disease, silently afflicting the very workers...
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The Identified Engineered Stone Silicosis Cases Are the “Tip of the Iceberg” of an “Occupational Obscenity”
The cases of engineered stone silicosis identified in California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, and other states are “just the tip of the iceberg” and “many more cases are occurring nationwide” according to Drs. Fazio, Gandhi, and Harrison, JAMA, December 18, 2023 – Comment & Response:...
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