How Is Silicosis from Engineered Stone Diagnosed?

How Is Silicosis from Engineered Stone Diagnosed?

Many doctors who are not specialists in silicosis often misdiagnose the condition as another problem, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, or COPD. To properly diagnose silicosis caused by engineered stone, the doctor must consider the following factors:

  • Occupational exposure to engineered stone: This means that the patient has been exposed to silica dust from engineered stone at work.

man polishing engineered stone

  • Abnormal Chest X-Ray or CT Scan: The X-Ray or CT scan will show characteristic findings of silicosis, such as bilateral, multiple rounded opacities in the upper lung zones that may conglomerate in advanced silicosis.

Colorized CXR Silicosis

  • Medical exam: The doctor will perform a physical exam and listen to the patient’s lungs. They may also hear crackles or wheezes, which are signs of lung disease.

  • PFT – Pulmonary Function Test: This test will measure the patient’s lung function and show signs of restrictive lung disease.

  • Lung biopsy: In some cases, the doctor may need to perform a lung biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of silicosis. This involves removing a small piece of lung tissue for examination under a microscope.

  • Lung tissue analysis for silica content: This test can be used to measure the amount of silica in the patient’s lung tissue. This can help to confirm the diagnosis of silicosis and to determine the severity of the disease.

The California Department of Public Health provides the diagnostic criteria at Silicosis in Countertop Fabrication Workers: What Providers Need to Know.

If you are concerned that you may have silicosis, it is important to see a doctor who is familiar with the condition. They will be able to perform the necessary tests and make a diagnosis.  If you are a fabricator or other worker of engineered stone countertops and you have been diagnosed with silicosis or lung cancer, or you believe you may have silicosis contact an attorney for a free case evaluation, we recommend that you call 866-809-5178 or complete a contact form today.


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