The Stories of Engineered Stone Workers and Doctors

The Stories of Engineered Stone Workers and Doctors

Many engineered stone workers in the United States are non-English speaking undocumented immigrants. This can make it difficult for them to access information about the health risks of working with engineered stone, and it can also make it difficult for them to report injuries or illnesses. As a result, it is likely that the true rate of silicosis and other diseases among engineered stone workers is under-reported.

However, the lack of English language or visa documentation does not impact an engineered stone worker’s legal right to a safe workspace working with safe products or to seek compensation for the injuries he or she has sustained. All workers, regardless of their immigration status or their primary language, have the right to a safe workplace and to compensation for injuries sustained on the job. If you are an engineered stone worker who has been injured or become ill as a result of your work, you should contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options

Several brave engineered stone workers have come forward to share their stories, as have their doctors:

View the stories of Gustavo, Victor, and Jose Louis that aired May 13, 2024 on Telemundo.

Watch the story of Dennis Rivas Williams, Gustavo Reyes Gonzales, Arthuro Bautista, Dr. Jane Fazio, and Brayton Purcell LLP attorney James Nevin at The production of crushed quartz countertops may be causing deadly lung issues in workers which aired on February 6, 2024 on CBS Morning News

Watch the story of fabrication worker Jorge Estrella Moreno, Dr. Sheiphali Gandhi, MD, and attorney James Nevin from Brayton Purcell LLP  at Silicosis: la enfermedad causada por cortar la piedra que se usa para cocinas y baños

To view the ordeals of Juan Gonzalez, Victor Gonzalez, and Angel Gallegos, watch here: La enfermedad silenciosa que está amenazando la salud y las vidas de muchos trabajadores inmigrantes aired on December 4, 2022 by Univision.

Learn about Jorge Estrella Moreno and his family here.

Read the story of Brayton Purcell LLP’s client, Wendy Solano, and her deceased husband Jose Raul Garcia Leon, click here.

Brayton Purcell LLP/Metzger Law Group client Leobardo Segura-Meza testified about his accelerated silicosis disease on July 20, 2023 at the Cal-OSHA Standards Board Emergency Hearing.

The story of Ever Ramon, another engineered stone worker suffering from silicosis, can be watched at Stop Silicosis For Ever.

July 20, 2023 – Dr. Jane Fazio from UCLA, Dr. Robert Harrison from UCSF, and Dr. Manijeh Berenji discussed the tragedies of their patients on July 20, 2023 at the Cal-OSHA Standards Board Emergency Hearing.


60 Minutes Australia produced an episode on the epidemic of silicosis in Australian engineered stone workers on February 19, 2023.  The full broadcast can be watched here: What Your Dream Renovation is Really Doing to Workers’ Health.

To learn the story of Kyle Goodwin, visit: Stop This Killer Stone

Engineered stone countertop workers who have been diagnosed with silicosis or lung cancer, or believe they may have silicosis, contact an attorney for a free case evaluation, we recommend that you call 866-809-5178 or complete a contact form today.

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