Clear and Present Danger: The Artificial Stone Silicosis Epidemic
The artificial stone silicosis epidemic is a dire public health crisis that has emerged as a significant occupational hazard over the past few decades. The advent of artificial stone, also known as engineered stone, was initially celebrated for its durability and aesthetic appeal, especially in...
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Occupational Hazard: The History of Silicosis
Silicosis, an ancient scourge that continues to affect workers worldwide, has a rich history intertwined with the development of human civilization and industrial practices. Silicon, the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen, forms the core component of silica, which, when inhaled as crystalline...
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STONEVILLE USA Failed to Provide Accurate Safety Information About Their Products
Stoneville USA, Inc., established in 2006 in California, has become a prominent player in the distribution of a wide array of natural and engineered stone products in Southern California. Despite its vast offerings, including notable brands like Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone, Stoneville's approach to disclosing...
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STONE ITALIANA S.P.A. Promoted Dangerous Dry Cutting of Stone Products
Stone Italiana S.P.A., an Italian company established in 1979 by Roberto Dalla Valle, has positioned itself as a leader in the engineered quartz and marble industry. The company's narrative, centered on innovation and a revolutionary approach to interior design, paints a picture of a brand...
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SEIEFFE COMPANIES Ignored Real Health Hazards
Seieffe Srl, under its brand name OKITE, represents itself as an illustrious player in the engineered stone market, boasting a lineage of innovation and quality that dates back to 1994. Situated in the scenic Caudina Valley in Italy, Seieffe Industrie has evolved from a company...
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Los Angeles City Council Introduces Legislation to Help Combat the Epidemic of Silicosis Among Artificial Stone Fabrication Workers
In a significant move to combat the escalating epidemic of incurable lung disease among countertop workers in Los Angeles, three proactive members of the Los Angeles City Council have stepped forward with a legislative package aimed at curbing this critical health crisis. Councilmembers Imelda Padilla,...
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What Respiratory Protection Is Needed for Artificial Stone Fabrication Workers?
Artificial stone fabrication workers are constantly exposed to a myriad of airborne silica particles and other hazardous substances from the fabrication of artificial stone that can have detrimental effects on their health. Protecting the respiratory system in such environments is not just a precaution; it...
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SANTA MARGHERITA Stone Products Pose Serious Health Risks to Workers
Santa margherita S.P.A., an Italian artificial stone manufacturer known for its SM Quartz and SM Marble products, presents itself as a pioneer in the engineered stone industry with over 50 years of experience. The company boasts about the quality, versatility, and technical advancement of its...
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Assembly Bill (AB) 3043 Aims to Mitigate the Dangers of Silicosis
As reported in San Fernando Valley Sun on February 21, 2024  - A Silicosis Epidemic in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, Assembly Bill (AB) 3043, introduced by Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, represents a critical legislative effort to address the severe health risks faced by workers in...
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MS International and the Stone Coalition
In an alarming revelation, MS International, a leading name in the stone industry, has come under fire for its dubious stance on safety practices and worker health, particularly in relation to silicosis, a severe lung disease caused by the inhalation of crystalline silica dust. A...
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