Seeking Justice: Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit due to Silica Dust Exposure
Understanding the statute of limitations is crucial for workers in the artificial stone industry who have developed silicosis, lung cancer, or other health issues due to silica dust exposure. The statute of limitations sets a definitive deadline by which a lawsuit must be filed to...
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Protective Measures Against the Silicosis Epidemic
In recent years, the silicosis epidemic among artificial stone fabrication workers has prompted significant action from medical professionals and governmental authorities worldwide. These efforts aim to raise public awareness, implement protective regulations, and ultimately curb the alarming rise in silicosis cases stemming from exposure to...
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Personal Struggles of Workers in the Artificial Stone Industry
In the heart of a bustling industry known for its gleaming, artificial stone countertops, lies a hidden, grim reality that has begun to surface through the courageous stories of workers who have fallen victim to a severe occupational disease known as silicosis. Many of these...
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Opening Access to Health Care: New Medi-Cal Eligibility for Californians
California's recent expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility is a watershed moment in the state's healthcare history, signaling a move towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system. This pivotal change, effective January 1, 2024, aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access, particularly benefiting undocumented immigrants...
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Medical Research on Artificial Stone Silicosis
The epidemic of silicosis among artificial stone fabrication workers has garnered significant attention in the medical community, leading to a surge in research and publications aimed at understanding, preventing, and treating this occupational disease. Here's a guide on where to find some of the leading...
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Media Spotlight on Silicosis Epidemic
The dangers of artificial stone, particularly engineered stone countertops, have sparked significant media attention, highlighting the growing concern over the epidemic of silicosis among workers in this industry. Recent coverage from a variety of news outlets sheds light on the urgent need for regulatory changes,...
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Lack of Workplace Safety Measures in the Artificial Stone Industry
In recent years, the burgeoning popularity of artificial stone countertops has illuminated a grim reality within the industry: a dire lack of adequate safety measures to protect workers from the lethal dangers of silica dust exposure. The current standards set by CAL-OSHA and federal OSHA,...
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How to Find a Doctor Who Specialize in Diagnosing Silicosis
Navigating the complexities of silicosis, especially for artificial stone workers, can be daunting. Silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling fine silica dust, has become a pressing concern in the artificial stone industry. Finding a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating this condition...
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Fighting for Justice: Legal Advocacy in the Artificial Stone Industry
The Stone Silicosis Center stands at the forefront of a critical movement, dedicated to supporting workers in the artificial stone industry who face unprecedented health risks due to prolonged exposure to silica dust. Recognizing the grave implications of diseases like silicosis, lung cancer, autoimmune disorders,...
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Fraudulent Concealment: The Importance of Transparency
In product liability, fraudulent concealment is a serious allegation that often comes to light in legal battles where a consumer or worker is harmed due to undisclosed dangers of a particular product that they have used. This form of deceit occurs when a corporation knows...
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